Friday, June 26, 2015

Three Unusual Uses for Beer

You've heard me say it before, and I'll say it again... Beer is a wonder beverage.  It's not just good to drink, it's good for your skin.  Did you know though, that beer can be used around the house?  These three unusual uses for beer, might come in handy for you one day.  (Note:  We have tried this, and it works for us... let us know if it works for you!)

1) Polishing Wood Furniture: Need your wood furniture to be shiny for your house guests?  Polish that coffee table by pouring a little bit of flat, stale beer on a polishing cloth.  Follow it up with a dry buff and the table will look like new.

2)  Slug Remover:  Don't use horrible chemicals to remove slugs from your garden!  Instead, fill up a saucer with beer and leave it in our garden.  The slugs will be attracted to the beer, get drunk off of it and then drown!  Refill the saucer daily and soon you will be slug free!

3) Redirect Bees:  Bees and wasps also love beer.  So, the next time you have a BBQ, don't forget to give the bees and wasps some beer too!  Put a small amount of beer in cups around the perimeter of your party.  Most of the the bees and wasps with be attracted to these cups, leaving your guests free from shooing these pests away!! And remind your guests not to drink from these cups!  YUCKKK!!!

Besides drinking beer, how do you use beer?

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