Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Being Schooled in Selling Wholesale Part 2: Making a Soap Catalog

I need a soap catalog?  I learned it the hard way (or the quick way depending on how you look at it.)  I finally got the email that I had been hoping and waiting for…  “I would love to carry your soap in my shop, can you please send me your catalog?”  My response: “Well, of course I can!”  But inside my head I thought, “Oh crap…. I needed to make one, quick!” At that moment, I had to thank god there’s the Internet because I googled ‘soap product catalogs’ and I was led to many soapers with great catalogs and order forms  (see for yourself: Freckles Soap)  but this is what I learned:

Cover page:  You need to have your logo, contact info… and your story…  Again, I’m learning so much that not only is your business about your soap, it's about you:

Product Listing:  Like on your website, pictures of your products, descriptions, and suggested retail price in contrast to wholesale price. And finally… the most important: 

Order Page and Form: Try to have it easy for them to fill out.  Honestly, my first catalog didn’t ever have an order form, and I was wondering why I wasn’t getting a response back.  I only got a response after I emailed the business…  'Can I help you place an order?' I got a response within hours…  I need a clear order form… Duh!!! 

So here are examples of mine…  They’re not perfect, but I figure that whatever I create in my life is like fine wine; it always gets better with time! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celebrating the Super Bowl!!!!

Just a little fun on Super bowl Sunday!  And I think this served as a therapy session for my husband!!! He's a 49er's fan....
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