Monday, June 22, 2015

Handbrewed Soaps Beer Challenge Results

Well I am happy to report that our beer challenge was a success and that by the end... everyone was in great spirits thanks to the wonderful beer that was tasted.  My dad joined in the tasting too. Though he had no idea the types or breweries, he hung in there and drank whatever was in front of him!  We tasted four different beers, all of which have a personal story...

1)  The first was a Leffe Blond.  We actually discovered this beer when we were in Holland.  Eric had a gig there a week before we got married, so I (OF COURSE!!!) tagged along.  We found this great pub in the back alley of a back alley in Groningen... and drank ourselves silly with this beer:

2) The next beer was from our own hometown here in Oakland.  It was Ale Industries, Golden State of Mind. I also picked it because we make beer soap for them using their beer... you can find them in their tasting room in Oakland and Concord.  I personally love this beer because the taste of the camomile and cardamom really comes through...

3) Next was Laguitas Hop Stoopid, a good Hoppy beer.  I threw this one in to trick Eric.  He's been drinking a lot of IPA's lately, and I was hoping he'd confuse it with the other IPA I would have him taste.

4) Finally, Eric got to his favorite "go-to" beer....  Bear Republic's Racer 5.  This, without a doubt, he got....  He KNEW this beer!!!

We hope you enjoyed their Father's Day!  Cheers!

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