Sunday, June 28, 2015

Follow Your Gut: Do What You Love

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     Recently I got advice from multiple people that I should go back to teaching elementary school. They made very valid, practical, and 'safe' points about retirement, benefits, and a steady income that teaching would give me and my family.
     I have been strategically planning on leaving the teaching career over the past four years. I went from 100% employment, to 80%, to 50%, to finally 20%.  When I wasn't teaching, I was starting my soap company. Now, I'm at the crossroads that I have been anticipating, running my soap company full time, and what do I do, doubt myself and ask others what I should do.  And with this advice, I realize that my fear of the unstable is what has stopped me from starting my business! Yes, I'm scared shitless of a lack of a steady pay check and all the other things mentioned by those that are concerned about my choice. But what they (and I) have failed to see is that I've been planning this for four years!!    As Connor Franta says in his memoir, A Work in Process, (yes I am quoting a 22 year old YouTube star):

"In a world conditioned to follow the herd, mentality, playing it safe, a lot of people find it hard to stay true to themselves and accept the things particular to them. It's easy to give in to peer pressure and simply settle with what everyone else is doing, but never forget that each of us is different. You are your own individual, with your own particular set of dreams,desires, and aspirations...So know what you like, know what makes you happy, stick to your guns, and state it with confidence.  You'll walk taller, and as long as you follow your gut, you won't stray far in life." 

So here I am, following my gut! I'm looking forward to this new chapter!  What new chapter are you starting? How do you work through the doubt?

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  1. sending you all good thoughts and prosperity as you follow your heart!


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