Saturday, March 14, 2015

Why We Brew Beer

We are all about enjoying life and really taking in the things that bring us true happiness- our family, our friends, and the little things in life.
There is nothing better than a walk through the forest on a crisp fall day, or watching a sunset on the beach.  But more than that, it's enjoying the first sip of coffee in the morning, an ice-cold beer on a hot day, or a glass of wine with your best friend!

Handbrewed Soaps makes soap out of anything you can brew in order to create more of the “little things in life.”  And we specialize in Homebrewed Beer Soap!
We brew for many reasons. We DO brew beer and make soap so that we know what ingredients go into it…  but it’s more than that.  The main reason we love brewing is because it’s a day that forces us to slow down and enjoy the “little things in life.”

  • ·   It’s the community that comes together for the event.  We enjoy having family and friends over to brew with us.  Many bring their own brew stands to have a brew-off. 
  • ·   It’s watching the kids mill the grains, and sneaking tastes of it throughout the day.
  • ·   It’s smelling the aroma of the grain as it’s mashing. 
  • ·   It’s the hours spent smelling the variety of hops, spices, and fruit and discussing the perfect combination to add to the brew.
  • ·   And while the brewing is going on, it’s the conversations of techniques people have used, the advice others brewers give, and of course drinking each others homebrew that have been brought over to consume from the last time we got together. 

We add our homebrewed beer to our soap with the hope that our soaps remind you of the little things in life.  For us, the aroma of our soaps reminds us of family a, friends, and a great day of brewing every time we bathe.  We hope that our soaps remind you to slow down and enjoy the little things in life!

What gets you to "Stop and smell the roses?"

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