Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting to Know your Local Businesses: Gracious Goat

It's time to get to know your local businesses again, so I introduce Kim Kandel from Gracious Goats. I met Kim at a local craft fair in Oakland where I fell in love with her lotions!  Here is what she had to say about her craft:
Who are you and what is your business about?
My name is Kim and I live in Oakland with my husband Matthew and my adorable mini-aussi mix dog named Mardi. Gracious Goat is about goat milk products for your skin! I make hand crafted goat milk lotions and creams using only essential oils and natural ingredients. Goat milk is perfect for dry skin because it is easily absorbed, is a natural moisturizer and protector, and it assists in the regeneration of skin cells.
What inspired you to go into your business? 
Dry, miserable skin! In my previous work life, I did a lot of air travel and my skin would become dry, cracked, and sore from the climate changes and the plane air quality. After trying many products, I found goat milk lotion provided the only consistent relief from dry skin and I became curious as to why. I was inspired by my friend Laura to make my own formulation and soon fell in love with the process of making something that actually softens skin and makes people feel comforted. It is a lovely mix of research, formulating, and testing. You have to be very exact about your ratios and process, yet there is still some creative play with the ingredients. I have a lot of fun in my lab!
What are some random facts about you? 
*I am from New Hampshire, "Live Free or Die!"
*I moved to San Francisco from Boston by train. Our country is beautiful!
*My deserted island "must have" playlist (as of today) includes Bach, Bob Marley, Bossa Nova, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rye

What's your favorite local place and why? 
Redwood Regional Park. Living in Oakland, I appreciate being in a city yet having access to wonderful local hiking (especially the dog-friendly trails). The rolling hills, Oak and Bay Laurel trees, and the peacefulness of the trails help me clear my head. I often return home with some new ideas and I certainly breathe deeper. If you are lucky, you can see a few goats on the trails too!

Thanks Kim!  You can find out more about her on Facebookor her website!

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