Sunday, March 29, 2015

Making Soap While Pregnant

Yep...  you just found out you're pregnant and you make soap for a living.  Now what?  Well, I've been there.  Actually, I am there!  We just found out we are having our third.  Immediately, upon hearing the news, life changed... especially in the soap making department.  So this is what I learned through the first 6 months of pregnancy and soaping.

Cue Top Gun Soundtrack
1) Use protection: (That's what we should have done not to get pregnant!) That's not what I mean!  Just make sure you wear a gas mask, gloves, and glasses when mixing your liquid and lye.  It's important now more than ever.  We don't what you or the baby to have respiratory problems.  Better yet, have someone do this step for you.  I taught my dad to do it.

2) Lift with your legs:  In the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, lifting your oils (if they are in buckets) may not be a problem, but as the pregnancy continues, your back with hurt just because you are caring extra weight.  I use a back brace and lift with my legs. However, now I need someone to help... so I have my dad to help!

3) Push everything back on the counter by a minimum of 5 inches:  Your belly is growing and you may forget.  As a result, your belly may knock over your exfoliants, fragrances or anything that is sitting near the edge of your counter.  This happens to me ALL the time, so push everything back on the counter.

Get sleep wherever you can!
4) Rest:  Your body is working overtime.  The scents of fragrances/ essential oils may make you feel sick to your stomach.  Your joints (especially your hips) may spasm.  Listen to your body and stop when you need too.  Take a break.  If you have a deadline, explain to your stockists or customers that you are working a little slower, they'll understand.  Most importantly...  ask for help and forgive yourself for not accomplishing what you intended to too.  Your health and the babies are the most important.

And if you have asked for help during these 10 months, by the time the baby comes, you've trained someone in soap making so that you can concentrate on the baby and the marketing end of your business!!!  It's a win win for everyone!

What tips do you have for making soap while pregnant?

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