Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Sparkly Necklace - Raising Girls

I was recently in Boston on a business trip, for my 9-5 job.  After long meetings, a female co-worker and I decided to go walk the mall that happened to be attached to our hotel, to get some exercise.   I found this to be an excellent idea considering I was planning on bringing home presents to my girls.  I found a stuffed lobster for the youngest (she’s into anything with claws…don’t ask), and I found a sparkly bling -bling heart locket for my six year old. So as I’m paying to the necklace, my co-worker says, “Maybe I should get that for my daughter, but that might be sending the wrong message.” I let the comment go… but of course I pressed for info awhile later.  She told me that she didn’t want to get her daughter a gift that could send a message of 'that is what girls should be liking… ' 

That's when I started BREWIN'  (my thoughts that is...)

I totally get that!  And actually support that idea 100%! I even wondered if I was sending a wrong message??? 6 years ago, when I found out that I was having girls…  I told everyone…  do not by her pink or purple…  nothing girly.   Buy none gender specific items….  And when in doubt… go with an educational toy… primary colors!!!  I introduced her to soccer and basketball.  Puzzles were a way of life for us.    

If you ask my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll tell you… “Well I’m already it… I’m an artist.”  We never gave her any formal art classes, but she always had access to paper, crayons, and markers. She has self-taught herself how to draw, paint, and blend colors. She created things at the age of 5 that I didn’t learn how to do until I was in middle school.  And her art expands into her fashion. She combines patterns and colors together… as well as picks out accessories.  She even helps me every once in awhile…  So this purchase could seem to an outsider that I was buying a ‘girlie’ item, because this is how a girl should be.  But in actuality, I was buying an “article” for my daughter to design with.

I am thankful for my co-worker challenging me to think about why I got the necklace in the first place. And I’m thankful for a daughter that knows who she is… an artist. (And yes, this will probably change a million times.)  But the bottom line is, every mom knows their kid the best.  Every mom needs to be confident with that!

What issues have you 'brewin' as a parent?

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