Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cooking with Homebrewed Beer: Chicken Fajita


Note:  I am not a chef.  I love reading recipes and coming up with my own. I cook what I know my family will eat!  I also eyeball everything…  exact measurements aren’t my forte.  And I use what I have.  Oftentimes I look in my fridge and throw something together or substitute ingredients because I don’t have what a recipe calls for.  As a result, my meals always come out a little different each time I make them! Please let me know what you think…  if I need to add or take away!  I’m learning too!!

What you’ll need:

1-gallon size baggy
¾ cup of homebrewed beer
1 pound or so of Chicken (or any meat)
Eyeball about 2 Tlbs spoons of Soy sauce
Eyeball about 2 Tlbs spoons Worchester Sauce
A wee bit of olive oil

Throw all of this into the gallon size baggy, and marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes.  (Try not to spill the beer while pouring it into baggy, I’m always spilling the beer…in EVERY recipe, and I swear I’m not drinking!)
While it’s in the fridge, start cutting up:

1 yellow onion
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper

Add this to the baggy when through.

After about an hour of everything marinating in the fridge, take out just the chicken, sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper, and cook it on both sides until done.  Then add the veggies and add a little of the beer marinade.  Cook for about 6 minutes until veggies are tender.  Make sure you heat up corn tortillas.

On a plate place the warm tortillas, scoop up the fajita mixture and add garnish with any of the following:

Sour Cream

Enjoy!  Let me know of any changes/additions that need to be made!

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