Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Struggle, but I am Driven - Juggling a life of soap and family

I struggle with managing being a mom, working a full time job, and launching my dream job.  I struggle with blogging and promoting my business.  I struggle …  I get frustrated when I have spilt half of my olive oil on the floor.  My anxiety increases when my two year old has a tantrum right when I pour my sodium-hydroxide solution into my oils and my husband isn’t helping the situation because he can’t be peeled away from the football game.  I get nervous using new technology (i.e. Paypal or the Square) at shows, there is always some sort of update that I seemed to have missed…

But I remain driven.  I remain driven because I get to meet new people and talk to them about two of my favorite things: beer and soap.  I get to create.  I get to be my own boss.  I get to be a role model for my two girls, teaching them that women can start their own business and carve a path in a male dominate field (in this case brewing). I know one day, my dream job will be my full time job!!

In the meantime, I have great days and so-so days.

We all struggle. What keeps you driven?

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