Friday, July 11, 2014

Inspiration in Soap Packaging!

I'll be honest... I was nervous about the idea of taking a vacation for so long.  As I teacher, I look forward to my summer break (any break actually!) This time though, I was nervous about being away from my soap!!! (A little wierd huh?)  On any other vacay, I would take my craft with me: knifty knitters, art supplies etc. But soap making supplies aren't that easy to transport. So I went through withdrawals... Salivating on other soap makers projects I found on Facebook or Pinterest.  But by day three, envy turned into inspiration.  I got out a pen and paper and started planning what I would make when I got home, creating a calendar of what would be made and when, and getting to things I never could find time for because I'd rather be making soap.  I redesigned labels/ packaging, blogged, and rewrote product descriptions! I started to exercise!!!!! (I just walked 4 miles and am participating in a squat challenge!).   I'm actually finding out that time away from my passion is exactly what I needed! I needed space to think and plan so that when I come home to my oils, I'm off and running! Here are some great packaging tutorials that I found. This one is from:
And this one is from:

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