Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting to Know Your Local Businesses: Panic in Polkadots

It's time to get to know your local businesses, so I introduce Katie McKinnon from Panic in Polkadots. I met Katie at a local craft fair in Oakland. I fell in love with her owl stuffies and was intrigued by how she upcycled everyday items into works of art!   Here is what she had to say about her craft:
Who are you and what is your business about? My name is Katie McKinnon, and I create things. My shop is Panic in Polkadots and my most popular items are my stuffed animal friends, ice cream cones, robots, and cupcakes! I create everything in my home studio, by hand and by sewing machine, using my own patterns. I strive to use fabric scraps and reclaimed fabrics wherever possible, as well as buttons and bottlecaps, playing cards and ribbon!
What inspired you to go into your business? I have always been about creating things, and I would give a lot of my creations away as gifts to friends and family. One day, a friend encouraged me to start selling my items, and my Etsy store was born. Pretty soon, I was getting all kinds of custom orders! My passion is to create things that are truly unique, that come from the heart, and that are fairly affordable. Everyone should be able to enjoy handmade Panic in Polkadots!
What are some random facts about you? I collect umbrellas of many kinds: whether it's the real deal, in earring form, in paintings, in tattoos that I have, and even in my nickname "Umbrella!" I have an orange fuzz cat named Lucy, she is a redhead who gets in trouble a lot! I work at an ice cream shop, and have worked in various ice cream shops ever since I was 16! I love analog photography, and I still shoot with my many film cameras to this day! My birthday is 5 days before Christmas, and I have never had a surprise birthday party!
What's your favorite local place? I will have to say Alameda Theatre and Cineplex.  They are always showing films for the Classic Film Series and if you get the 8 pack of tickets, they are like 5 bucks each!  The Historic Theatre is beautiful and makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.  If only the popcorn were more timely priced!

Thanks Katie!  You can find out more about her at: , and , and

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