Saturday, May 31, 2014

DIY: Fabric Teaches Gratitude

I don't sew.  I'm afraid of the sewing machine.  It looks like a high tech monster. But I have the amazing ability to accumulate fabric, yarn, lace, and the stuff you sew to the bottom of clothing (I think it's called hem?) It's been collecting in my 'art' room for years.
Recently, while in a yoga class (I go about twice a year), I noticed my thoughts wandering to the windows.  Usually I would try to refocus on the pain of the pose that I was in, but I had discovered the COOLEST window curtains/coverings... prayer cloths! This discovery ruined any benefits I knew the class would give me.  All I wanted was the class to be over so I could examine these prayer cloths.  They were handmade, and I needed to see how they were put together.

Of course they were sewn together... which made me feel defeated.  But then I realized that I could do what I always do when I have to "sew" something, use HOT GLUE!!!  My defeat turned into exhilaration and I went home to make these window coverings.  

Once home, all the 'sewing' stuff came out. I decided to use any lace/ hem/ shoelace to hang the fabric off of. I got my fabric and glue gun out, and was set to go.  I cut 2" x 3" squares of fabric making piles by like material.  Then I started noticing that much of the fabric I was using was coming from old clothes and  table cloths that I wanted to repurpose.  With each square I cut, a memory would arise.  I saw my daughter's first step as I cut a dress she wore when she was one.  I remembered the feeling of being impatient on Christmas Eve as I cut the tablecloth my Grandma always used for that holiday, and I recalled the stupid (yet wonderful) jokes my husband told me on our first date, as I cut up his old shirt.  

Honestly, I wanted to create a prayer cloth window hanging for its coolness factor. But, it turned out that it did what it was intended for.  As I put the prayer cloth together, I got to mediate on a lot of great moments in my life. By the time I finished, I was calm, feeling refreshed and grateful for my family, friends, and the beautiful city I was born and raised in, Oakland.  

What are you grateful for?

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  1. First off, let me say, I'm so glad to know that you also get distracted in Yoga class...guess that means we need to go more often! Get our minds more focused...heehee.
    Now...what am I grateful for? So many things! I'm grateful for my close friends who never fail to show up when I need them most. My friends and I are figuring out this business of adulthood together, and even through it all we can still maintain a bit of youth! Example: yesterday was spent having lunch, walking, then browsing online and creating a blog with my bff...remember being a teen and just "hanging" for endless hours with friends? What fun!
    I'm also grateful for the usual home, my family, my job, my health. In all seriousness though, this question of gratitude brings SO many things to mind. All of them speeding through my mind like race, zip, zoom! I am grateful for having just what I need. Every time my daughter randomly says, "Mama, I love you..." I feel warm throughout. I am loved. I give love. For this...I am grateful. :-)


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