Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let's be "Transparent"... the truth about parchment paper, wax paper, glassine and vellum!

Let's get real here peoples.....  I'm breaking it down, cause I haven't found a post that REALLY explains the above title and how it relates to soap packaging.  Below, are two versions of my discovery story... choose at your own risk!

1) Get to the point:  Use glassine paper or printable vellum if you want your soap bands to be somewhat transparent...  You can print on both types!  I prefer vellum!

Where to get it:
  • Glassine Paper:  You can get get cheap glassine sheets or pages from Uline.   
  • Printable (affordable) Vellum:  I recommend Kelly's Paper off Grand Ave. in Oakland.  It's local!!  
  • Anyone know of other places???

2) Long Winded Version:
We've all seen beautiful soap packaging...  let's say, the "transparent" look appeals to you (it does me!)

So you think hum....that looks like parchment/wax paper...  hey, I've got that!... and you start to wrap your soap in it... Ahhh... so cute!

Then you use it on bigger soap...  hum...  what's going on... it worked on the small soap... but not now...  Then you realize that it's the sticker that is sticking to the soap (not the parchment paper, duh!).  And then that genius moment hits you...  THE STICKER STICKS TO SOAP !!!! (who knew?)

So, what is this transparent paper all about????  Bottom line...  to package soap... scroll back to the top, and GET TO THE POINT!!!

You got to admit....  The title's clever... I'm so proud of myself!

Hope this "clears it up" for you!

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