Tuesday, August 6, 2013

History: Wheat Beers

My Husband brews the beer...   and I make soap with it.  He brews at his leisure and impulse.  If he's craving an ale, that's what he'll make... if a Hefeweizen sounds refreshing, you get the picture.  My palate has grown as I'm introduced to new flavors, yeasts, hops and grains... And just when I think I "know" my beer families, another term is thrown at me.  For example: Would you like a white beer.... what the hell?

So after some very long winded research.. I would love to thank Beeradvocates for this simple history, for someone who is learning about beer !

During the middles ages, Germanic tribes brewed, using the resources they had including wheat and barley.  These grains where lighter than the traditional beers brewed at that time.  These light beers where termed "white beer" aka weisse.   Today their are four main styles of white beer:   German Weissbier, Berliner Weisse, Beligan Witbier, and American Wheat.

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  1. How cool that your husband brews his own beer and you make soap with it! Sounds like a great team. It must be fun to drink his brews and soap with them as well! I love beer in soap. (I love it in a pub glass, too.) Beer soap has such a lovely lather.


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