Friday, July 3, 2015

How to Avoid Traffic Jams in Your Business

Your car is packed. Your destination is routed. You will be spending the next 6 hours on the highway. You're prepped and primed, ready for this adventure. Until you get on the freeway and it's a parking lot! What!!!!! Does everyone have the same idea that I do? 
That's what happened to us as we left for a week long R & R. Everyone was fleeing the Bay Area for the Fourth of July Weekend, just like us!!! Let me tell you, we do not do well sucking on car exhaust.  Knowing our goal and what general direction we needed to go in we found the path of least resistance and followed that path! And what we encountered, was well worth the additional THIRTY minutes (yes it took us a shorter time even with the stops we made) it took us to get there! We got to drive through the beautiful Sonoma/ Napa vineyards, discovered the Petaluma Creamery, and made the hubby happy by stopping off at the Lagunitas Brewing Company. 
This experience reminds me a lot of running your own business, especially in relationship with the advice that Donna Maria from the Indie Business Network gives. She stresses the importance of being your authentic self, creating your own path when it comes to your business and having a community of people to learn from. Because when you don't create your own path, you may wind up doing what everyone else is doing and you get stuck in traffic.  We as humans have an inclination get from point A to B. We often follow the "pack" because it's safe and sometimes it's easier to follow the person in front of you, than to do your own thing. But if you create our own path, you have experiences that you didn't expect. You might make a wrong turn, but you'll find your way again. And it is possible (stay with me on this one), you might actually have fun finding your own way!!!

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  1. I never make a wrong turn. Just a turn! (tee hee) Perhaps that why we don't leave on this particular weekend. And pick a different one ;+} - Have a nice break.


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